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I fear finances and I am reluctant to seek financial advice as I believe I will come across as ‘silly’ when being advised by a man. But since joining Colivar, I have found a supportive community of like-minded women who make me feel comfortable sharing my concerns and asking for help.


Yoga Teacher 
As a professional, I have seen firsthand how poorly bankers can treat their customers. That is why I turned to Colivar for help, and I am so glad I did. With their expert guidance and support, I feel empowered to achieve my financial goals and build lasting wealth that I can pass on to my children.


Colivar helped me to get my finances in order and generate second income. The app is great and easy to use!


What I appreciate most about Colivar is their commitment to empower their members. They do not just give you advice and send you on your way - they work with you every step of the way to ensure you are making the best decisions for your financial future.



Retirement Security

Building a sufficient nest egg for a comfortable retirement, considering Switzerland's high living standards and life expectancy.

Home Ownership

Acquiring property in Switzerland, which is both a stable investment and a personal asset, considering the country's strong real estate market.

Brighter Future

Securing funds for children's future, including private schooling and higher education, which is a priority for many Swiss families.
wealth management

Wealth Accumulation

Growing personal wealth through savings, investments, or inheritance, and managing it effectively in a country known for its financial services.
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Your key to second income and financial empowerment. Embrace clarity and confidence in your financial journey.
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conservative Investor

The Conservative Investor prefers stability and safety over high returns. Their investment strategy is cautious, aiming to preserve capital and maintain a steady growth.
Risk Averse
Prefers investments with lower risk and more predictable returns.
Values financial security and stability over high-gain opportunities.
Long-Term Planner
Invests with a long-term perspective, avoiding the fluctuations of high-risk markets.
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Balanced Investor

The Balanced Investor seeks a middle ground, combining stable investments with some higher-risk opportunities. Their investment strategy aims for moderate growth with controlled risk.
Prefers a mix of stable and growth-oriented investments to balance risk and return.
Invests in a variety of assets to spread risk and potential for returns.
Steady Growth
Aims for consistent, long-term growth, without the extremes of high risk or solely low-return investments.
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Aggressive Investor

The Aggressive Investor seeks substantial returns and is willing to take on higher risks. Their investment strategy is bold, aiming for maximum growth even if it means facing potential volatility.
Comfortable with high-risk investments and the ups and downs of volatile markets.
High-Return Seeker
Focuses on investments with the potential for high returns, accepting the higher risk that comes with them.
Active Investor
Often engages in more frequent transactions and seeks to capitalize on market trends and opportunities.
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Your financial future is no longer lost in the male-dominated financial corridors.
"Invest with foresight, grow with purpose, and live knowing our choices today shape tomorrow's world."

dr. mahnoosh mirghaemi

CEO of Colivar
From J.P. Morgan to Colivar

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established in 1991

Colivar, renowned as an asset manager for HNWIs, now brings its distinguished expertise and technology-driven solutions to retail investors, delivering unparalleled quality across the board.

We Stand Out

Colivar champions women's financial dreams with sustainable investments, personalized strategies, and empowering insights, designed for the discerning female investor.
Proudly licensed by FINMA, Colivar embodies trust and excellence in asset management, committed to the highest standards for secure and distinguished services.
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